About project

The trade mark "Zamorochka" is the biggest choice of pocket puzzles and favorite logic games. All our zamorochki are made in Ukraine from valuable breeds of a natural tree. Originality and high quality make Zamorochka a unique Ukrainian brand

Mini Puzzle

Mini-puzzle of natural wood "Zamorochka". Each mini puzzle is at once 2 tasks itself a puzzle and an interesting challenge on the back of the box.

Collection of Zamorochka

Our collection already has more than 30 kinds of puzzles made of wood and is constantly expanding. In the collection of Zamorochka, puzzles are of three types.

  • puzzles with a rope task is to unravel the details of a piece of the puzzle or perform some other entertaining manipulation
  • Flat puzzles are a few wooden parts from which you need to add a figure-assignmen
  • 3D puzzles are similar to flat puzzles, but the result is a 3D figure.

Sets of Zamorochka

A set of 10, 15 or 30 Zamorochka in a good cotton bag is made by hand with love. It's a great idea for a fun party, corporate party or for a family gift!